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“Although I have very little or no pain most days I know I'm a typical American professional who has horrible posture from sitting at my desk a good part of the day. Dr. Bess kindly explained that pain is the last symptom and within minutes was able to pinpoint areas of concern during her physical assessment. Although I was previously unaware of it I could immediately sense a distinct difference in my alignment after her very first adjustment. I especially appreciated how she listened with an ear to address all my lifestyle components. I can confidently recommend Dr. Bess for anyone looking to return to, or stay, at optimum well-being!”   -Sarah S.

 “Dr. Bess is highly skilled to find a solution to any physical concern you have. I had a deadlifting injury and she fixed me up right away! Highly recommend!”  -Jessica M.

“I have a horrible history of back trauma and pain. Twice in the last 6 months I have been debilitated by a back injury. Each time I have limped in to see Dr. Bess and she was able to fix me right up and get me back to my normal routine. Super talented, I highly recommend her.”  -Chris O.

“My husband and I are patients of Dr. Bess. She is great at what she does. Not only that, she has a sunny personality and great "bedside" manner. I found her through a Groupon offer and because I was so happy with the service I received, I decided to continue seeing her after my Groupon package was used up. I went in with a seriously aching hip and came out relieved of the pain. Dr. Bess knew exactly where to address to begin healing. She also worked wonders on my hand, which was getting strained from overuse. My husband has also enjoyed wonderfully noticeable results because of the adjustments and care of Dr. Bess. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a chiropractor.”  -Hadlee L.

“I visited Dr. Bess about 7 months ago after experiencing severe pain and back spasms from two recent car accidents. She adjusted my back and explained everything to me as far as recovery and treating pain. The experience was nothing less than professional and comforting. Since then, I have not had any back pain or spasms. I feel amazing!!”   -Joyce D.

"Very client-centric and focused on really helping, not just making $ off the appointments. I've already scheduled my next appointment and plan to see Dr Bess for all my chiropractic needs moving forward."   -Catherine P.

“I came to Dr. Bess for the first time after having severe pain in my lower back due to the nature of my work. She was very caring and made me feel comfortable during the whole visit. I felt great after my first treatment! I will be returning to continue care. Can't say enough great things, go see for yourself.”  -Lesly C.

"She is well knowledge on what she does I went in there because I couldn’t turn my neck, was having pain shoot up into my head which was causing headaches and after the first session I am able to move my head headache is pretty much gone highly recommended." -Adam K.

“Highly recommend. I'm in my first trimester and struggling with a lot of pain and back discomfort. This was my first trip to Dr. Bess. I left feeling relaxed and relieved. She was friendly and professional. Planning to see her throughout my pregnancy!”  -Fay M